Eversafe Mosquito Control

Create a Bite Free Zone with our revolutionary solution.

Just add water and hang pouch outside for a mosquito-free yard for up to a week!

Works by attracting biting mosquitoes and causing them to change their feeding behavior. Made of natural botanical ingredients which are non-toxic and good for the environment. Proven effective for over a 100 foot radius, (or about 2/3 of an acre). 

Directions: Open pouch, add water and hang outdoors 20-70 feet away from people and pets.

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Protect your pets from toxic flea treatments!
Start with a flea-free pet. Add water to the pouch to activate and hang it outside.

EverSafe Natural Flea and Tick Solution helps keep fleas (and ticks) away from your pets in your yard for longer. Works with or without other treatments. It has been shown that flea infestations start from your yard, not from other animals. Keep them away from your pets with EverSafe. Works by attracting fleas, and by killing them. Made from natural non-toxic botanicals. Safe for cats.

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